The Phillip Island Murder (with Paul Daley)

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In September 1986, a young farmhand called Beth Barnard is found murdered in her home on Phillip Island – an idyllic community known more for its penguin parade than murder. The plot thickens when detectives remove the doona covering her body and find a huge letter A carved into her chest…



Price: $22.95 GST inc.


Just read the book

Just read the book and very fascinating. Certainly raises more questions than it answers. As an ex police investigator myself there are a few things that the book does not cover and huge gaping holes in the investigation for the coroner to reach such a verdict. You speak about a barrister being engaged for the coronial what happened to the transcript for the findings? What about the interview of the children it is not mentioned? The other bloke fits the description of a stalker and certainly more investigation of him sounded in order. Why can't they DNA test the samples now? There is too many holes to come to the conclusion that Vivienne Cameron jumped to her death. I would love to have alook at the evidence. Did the doctor come up with an accurate time of death? I have studied quite a bit on murderers, serial killers and women murderers and quite frankly that is a tall order to go from a wife scorned to committing such a brutal murder which smacks of sexual overtones. Anyway just some very primitive observations based on what I read wich is probably only a small percentage of the evidence gathered.

i have also just read the book

and passed it onto my father, who after reading it sat down with me for an analysis of the investigation.

very little makes sense and there are indeed many more questions than answers.

this case demands to be re-opened.

Just watched the TV-programme

...On danish television, and is also, as a journalist - curious about why the police never reinvestigated !

Main Suspect

As a Private Investigator and ex Police Officer my gut feel tells me that the husband's explanations and recollections of conversations he had with his missing wife beggars belief.

Phillip Island Murder case

There is no doubt in my mind that certain people were paid to be quiet. None of the evidence adds up....there are huge holes in their theories. I would be embarrassed if I had conducted a case in such a manner. The book was brilliant ..... but you can be sure someone is living it up at that poor woman's expense.