Writing Consultancy Service

Authors get a lot of people approaching them to help tell their stories. To this end, Vikki Petraitis and a number of other best selling Australian authors have joined together to form a consultancy service for budding authors, or people who need assistance or advice to tell their stories.

Vikki Petraitis has mentored and assisted many writers over the years. Her aim is to educate and help writers achieve their full potential. 

How does it work?

Initial consultation

If you would like to consult with Vikki about a story, she will meet with you and discuss how you can best go about it. While each consultation is different because people’s needs are different, this session usually takes over 2 hours and costs $250.

Subsequent consultations

As you continue with your writing progress, book a further consultation whenever you need one. You might need encouragement and feedback, or you might need to learn strategies to further your story. The cost of these consultations is $200 and includes emailing a segment of your story prior to the session in order to make the most of the face-to-face consultation. These sessions usually take up 2 hours.


A lot of people want to write, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, or they might have written a story, but aren’t sure where to go from there. With our service, you can have access to award-winning, best-selling authors to mentor you through the writing process. As you progress through your manuscript, an author will read what you’ve written and offer constructive feedback and suggestions for further drafting. These sessions take around 2 hours and cost $200.

Preparing your proposal

Published authors have experience in creating proposals that have been successful with publishers. This service will help you create the best, clearest, and most succinct proposal to give your manuscript the best chance of catching the attention of a  publisher. You will be given guidelines for a proposal and the final draft will be polished during the consultation. This usually takes around 2 hours and costs $200.

Manuscript assessment

One of our assessors will read your manuscript and provide constructive written feedback along with practical suggestions for improvement.

For short stories up to 8,000 words, the cost is $120.

For novella-length manuscripts up to 40,000 words, the cost is $350.

For longer manuscripts up to 80,000 words, the cost is $480.

Other services

Imagine having your retirement speech or birthday speech written by a professional author. Over the years, Vikki Petraitis has assisted writers with a diverse range of services. One elderly man wanted to write his life story to leave his family. A family wanted a eulogy that spoke eloquently of a loved one. And a number of budding writers have achieved publishing success after being mentored through their novels. Work with a professional writer to create exactly what you need to say.  Consultations can be done in person or over the telephone.

A host of helpers

Not only is Vikki Petraitis offering her services to help writers develop their work, but she has joined with a group of writers, editors, publicists and web designers who can help budding writers from the start of the project to the end. For more details, please visit clandestine-books.com.au.

Please provide a telephone number if you would prefer Vikki to contact you that way.

Please let Vikki know a little about the work that you are doing, and what sort of consultancy support and services you are looking for.